About Me

I never really know what to put in an ‘About Me’ section: you have to find a way not coming off as an arrogant douche-bag, but still not resorting to the classic ‘I’m Tom, I’m 20, I like turtles’ waffle.

I AM Tom though and I AM 20 and I am impartial to turtles – they neither repulse me nor excite me.

I started this blog as a means of letting my ‘creative juices flow’ (wow, that sounds disgusting) and it’s somewhere where I can talk about the things that interest me.

On this blog you’ll find a heck of a lot of sarcasm, self-deprecation and maybe even some bad language. I post about things that I find interesting, and I hope you do too. There’ll be lots of horror-related posts, just brace yourselves, and a few posts detailing my awkward encounters with people/things.

So yeah, I hope you enjoy reading this blog (if you’re reading this ‘About Me’ section, then I think you’ll do just fine here) and if you like my posts or have an opinion then please feel free to comment/share.

You can find me on Twitter @TomAfterDark if you’re an avid tweeter. If not, then I hope to see you around.



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